Annual Report 2013

Henkel worldwide

We are focusing on three areas in order to make our global team even stronger: strengthening our leadership team, rewarding talent and performance, and increasing the diversity of our workforce.

In 2013, we focused on implementing programs and refining processes in order to strengthen our leadership team, attract and develop talents, foster a strong performance culture and promote diversity across the entire organization.

Strong leadership

Strong leaders make the difference in successfully steering a business in a volatile environment, creating new growth opportunities, driving change and establishing a strong performance culture. As Henkel becomes a more global and diverse company, it is crucial that each manager has a clear understanding of what defines strong leadership and what is expected from successful leaders at Henkel.

To provide clear guidance, Henkel developed five Leadership Principles which were introduced in 2012 in combination with our strategy. They are an integral part of the evaluation and development of our leaders. To ensure all people managers at Henkel fully understand and commit themselves to these principles, a global workshop program was rolled out in 2013.

In the course of the year, we progressed our Leadership Development series. This mandatory training program for all people managers supports them from their first operational leadership tasks through to advanced responsibilities. In addition, we decided to set up a Leadership Forum, specifically targeted at the development of top-level leaders and based on the concept of “leaders teaching leaders.”

Talent and performance focus

While emerging markets represent significant growth potential, they offer a relatively small pool of talents with the breadth of skills and depth of experience needed to fully capture the opportunities in these markets. To address this challenge, we are taking various steps to accelerate the development of internal talents in emerging markets. Our Human Resources team in Asia developed a specific talent acceleration program which has been refined over the past three years. Based on the positive experiences and outcomes of this program, it will be extended to other emerging markets, starting with Africa/Middle East in 2014.

In 2013, we completed our fifth annual Development Round Table (DRT) for around 10,000 management employees worldwide. The DRT is a globally standardized process to evaluate the performance and development potential of managers at Henkel. The promotion of more than 1,000 internal candidates to higher management levels or new positions is testament to the strength of our internal talent pool and our focus on its development.

Diverse teams

We are convinced that a diverse workforce and an inclusive company culture are key success factors in a globalized world. In promoting diversity at Henkel, we focus on actively managing the dimensions of gender, the multiple cultural backgrounds of our employees, and different generations working together.

Based on our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, we have developed a wide range of programs to promote diversity and an inclusive working environment around the world. We support our managers in effectively leading international teams, leveraging the experience of all colleagues. By systematically supporting female career development, we were able to increase the share of women in management to around 32 percent.

In 2013, all Henkel employees worldwide participated in the global Diversity Weeks themed “Experiencing Diversity.”

Our five Leadership Principles