Annual Report 2013

International shareholder structure

Shareholder structure: institutional investors holding Henkel preferred shares
At November 2013
Source: Thomson Reuters.

Our preferred shares – the significantly more liquid class of stock – have a free float of 100 percent. A large majority of these shares are owned by institutional investors, whose shareholdings are broadly distributed internationally.

According to notices received by the company on December 14, 2013, members of the Henkel sharepooling agreement own a majority of the ordinary shares amounting to 58.68 percent. We have received no other notices indicating that a shareholder holds more than 3 percent of the voting rights (notifiable ownership).

In the period up to 2007, Henkel repurchased around 7.5 million preferred shares for the senior management Stock Option Plan. As of December 31, 2013, this treasury stock amounted to 3.7 million preferred shares.