Annual Report 2013

Employee share program

Since 2001, Henkel has offered an employee share program (ESP). For each euro invested in 2013 by an employee (limited to 4 percent of salary up to a maximum of 4,992 euros per year), Henkel added an additional 33 eurocents. Around 11,500 employees in 54 countries purchased Henkel preferred shares under this program in 2013. At year-end, some 14,600 employees held a total of close to 3 million shares, representing approximately 1.7 percent of total preferred shares outstanding. The lock-up period for newly acquired ESP shares is three years.

Investing in Henkel shares through participation in our share program has proven to be very beneficial for our employees in the past. Employees who invested 100 euros each month in Henkel shares since the program was first launched, and waived interim payouts, held portfolios valued at 61,886 euros at the end of 2013. This represents an increase in value of around 330 percent or an average yield of around 13 percent per year.