Annual Report 2013

Shares and bonds

  • Henkel shares reach historic highs
  • Henkel preferred share’s DAX 30 weighting increased
  • Henkel’s position in leading sustainability indices confirmed
  • International, widely diversified shareholder structure

Henkel shares showed an extremely positive performance in 2013. Over the course of the year, the DAX rose by 25.5 percent to 9,552.16 points. The index for consumer goods stocks – the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx Consumer Goods – increased 18.9 percent, closing at 502.82 points. Against this market backdrop, the price of Henkel preferred shares increased to 84.31 euros, closing the year 35.5 percent higher on a year-on-year basis. Our ordinary share price posted even stronger gains, ending the period 45.7 percent higher at 75.64 euros. As such, our shares clearly performed better than both the DAX and other shares representing the consumer goods sector.

In the course of the year, Henkel shares largely tracked the overall market, and generally performed very well. They started with price gains in the first quarter and outperformed the DAX and consumer goods stocks. The consumer goods sector labored under weak market conditions in the second quarter, which resulted in share price declines overall. Henkel shares and consumer goods stocks were weaker than the DAX, which posted slight gains in the second quarter. Both Henkel shares and consumer goods stocks posted considerable gains in the third quarter, and outperformed the DAX. On December 27, Henkel shares reached new historic highs of 84.48 euros for the preferred share and 75.81 euros for the ordinary share. Prices for consumer goods stocks also rose slightly in the fourth quarter, but nowhere near as strongly as the Henkel shares. The DAX rose considerably, but still lagged somewhat behind the performance of the Henkel share prices. Overall, Henkel shares closed the year much stronger than their relevant benchmark indices.

Key data on Henkel shares 2009 to 2013
in euros20092010201120122013
Earnings per share
Ordinary share1.382.572.673.4013.65
Preferred share1.402.592.693.4213.67
Share price at year-end2
Ordinary share31.1538.6237.4051.9375.64
Preferred share36.4346.5444.5962.2084.31
High for the year2
Ordinary share31.6040.3041.1052.7875.81
Preferred share36.8748.4049.8164.6184.48
Low for the year2
Ordinary share16.1930.3130.7837.2550.28
Preferred share17.8435.2136.9044.3159.82
Ordinary share0.510.700.780.931.203
Preferred share0.530.720.800.951.223
Market capitalization2 in bn euros14.618.317.624.634.7
Ordinary share in bn euros8.110.09.713.519.7
Preferred share in bn euros6.58.37.911.115.0

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