Annual Report 2013

Notes to the consolidated statement of income

(28) Other operating charges

Other operating charges
in million euros 2012 2013
Losses on disposal of non-current assets 8 5
Contractual termination severance payments 13
Impairment on assets held for sale 35
Impairment on other assets
Sundry operating expenses 126 107
Total 147 147

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The impairmentimpairment
Impairments of assets are recorded when the recoverable amount is lower than the carrying amount at which the asset is recognized in the statement of financial position. The recoverable amount is calculated as the higher of fair value less costs to sell (net realizable value) and value in use.
on assets held for sale relates to our companies in Iran (Laundry & Home Care and Adhesive Technologies). Sundry operating expenses relate to the settlement of a legal dispute with a former joint venture partner in the amount of 20 million euros, and to a number of individual items arising from ordinary operating activities, such as fees, provisions for litigation, third party claims, sundry taxes, and similar expenses.