Annual Report 2013

Notes to the consolidated statement of
financial position

(3) Other financial assets

in million euros December 31, 2012 December 31, 2013
Non-current Current Total Non-current Current Total
Receivables from associated companies 1 1
Financial receivables from third parties 15 44 59 15 17 32
Derivative financial instruments 204 54 258 95 57 152
Investments accounted for at equity 6 6 5 5
Other investments 18 18 18 18
Receivable from Henkel Trust e.V. 20 20 120 120
Securities and time deposits 2,241 2,241 2,380 2,380
Financial collateral provided 4 4 26 26
Sundry financial assets 15 79 94 15 64 79
Total 258 2,443 2,701 148 2,664 2,812

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With the exception of investments, derivatives, securities and time deposits, other financial assets are measured at amortized cost.

The receivable from Henkel Trust e.V. relates to pension payments made by Henkel AG & Co. KGaAKGaA
Abbreviation for “Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien.” A KGaA is a company with a legal identity (legal entity) in which at least one partner has unlimited liability with respect to the company’s creditors (personally liable partner), while the liability for such debts of the other partners participating in the share-based capital stock is limited to their share capital (limited shareholders).
to retirees, for which reimbursement can be claimed from Henkel Trust e.V.

Included under securities and time deposits are monies deposited as part of our short-term financial management arrangements. The securities involved are fixed-interest and floating-interest bonds. All the bonds are publicly listed and can be sold at short notice.

Sundry non-current financial assets include among others receivables from employees. The sundry current financial assets include the following:

  • Receivables from sureties and guarantee deposits amounting to 34 million euros (previous year: 38 million euros)
  • Receivables from suppliers amounting to 9 million euros (previous year: 13 million euros)
  • Receivables from employees amounting to 11 million euros (previous year: 9 million euros)