Annual Report 2013

Laundry &
Home Care

Business areas

In the following, we comment on the organic sales performance of our business areas.

Laundry Care

The Laundry Care business posted a solid sales performance in 2013, with our core category of heavy-duty detergents generating the greatest growth momentum.

Through the ongoing success of our pre-dosed liquid detergent capsules, introduced in 2012, and their roll-out in Western Europe, we generated particularly dynamic growth in the strategically important category of premium heavy-duty detergents. The dual-chamber technology of Persil Duo- Caps combines the Persil brightness formula with powerful active stain remover, each in a separate chamber. We have also introduced new detergent variants under our Persil brand that combine proven Persil performance with a lasting lavender scent.

We successfully launched liquid detergent capsules with single-chamber technology in several Eastern European markets. The products target price-conscious customers in the value-for-money segment. The specialty detergents category posted profitable growth, driven by new Perwoll variants in Western Europe. Additional positive contributions were made by the relaunch of our Vernel Aroma Therapy product line and the introduction of new Silan Pure & Natural fabric softener variants in Eastern Europe.

Home Care

The Home Care business likewise recorded a very strong sales performance in 2013. Our hand-dishwashing category showed dynamic growth again in 2013, driven mainly by the successful positioning of our core brand Pril in the Africa/Middle East region. The successful performance of our automatic dishwashing products was supported in the second half of the year by the launch in a number of European markets of our innovative gel capsules under the Pril and Somat brands.

The success of our WC products is primarily attributable to the Bref Power Aktiv WC rim block, known in Germany under the WC Frisch brand. Performance was also driven by new variants, and by tapping into new sales markets in Mexico and the USA.

In the air freshener category, important in North America, we successfully introduced the newly designed cone-shaped variants under the Renuzit brand. Growth in South Korea was stimulated by the launch of Home Mat Compact Alpha, a highly efficient insecticide system with an innovative design.