Annual Report 2013

Corporate governance

Principles of corporate management / Compliance

The members of the Management Board conduct the corporation’s business with the care of a prudent and conscientious business director in accordance with legal requirements, the Articles of Association of Henkel Management AG and the Articles of Association of Henkel AG & Co. KGaAKGaA
Abbreviation for “Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien.” A KGaA is a company with a legal identity (legal entity) in which at least one partner has unlimited liability with respect to the company’s creditors (personally liable partner), while the liability for such debts of the other partners participating in the share-based capital stock is limited to their share capital (limited shareholders).
, the rules of procedure governing the actions of the Management Board, the provisions contained in the individual contracts of employment, and also the compliancecompliance
Acting in conformity with applicable regulations; adherence to laws, rules, regulations and in-house or corporate codes of conduct.
guidelines and resolutions adopted by and within the Management Board.

Corporate management principles which go beyond the statutory requirements are derived from our vision and our values. For our company to be successful, it is essential that we share a common approach to entrepreneurship. The company’s vision provides its management and employees worldwide with both direction and a primary objective. It reaffirms our ambition to meet the highest ethical standards in everything we do.