Annual Report 2013

Corporate governance

Transparency / Communications

An active and open communication policy ensuring prompt and continuous information dissemination is a major component of the value-based management approach at Henkel. Hence shareholders, shareholder associations, participants in the capital market, financial analysts, the media and the public at large are kept informed of the current situation and major business changes relating to the Henkel Group, with all stakeholders being treated equally. All such information is also promptly made available on the internet.

Up-to-the-minute information is also incorporated in the regular financial reporting undertaken by the corporation. The dates of the major recurring publications, including the dates for the press conference on the preceding fiscal year and the Annual General Meeting, are announced in our financial calendar, which is also available on the internet.

The company’s advancements and targets in relation to the environment, safety, health and social responsibility are published annually in our Sustainability Report. Shareholders, the media and the public at large are provided with comprehensive information through press releases and information events, while occurrences with the potential to materially affect the price of Henkel shares are communicated in the form of ad-hoc announcements.